Karan acoustics pre/power combo for sale

We have a 1 year old Karan acoustics KA L Reference MkIII preamplifier with phono and KA S 600 stereo amplifier for sale.

The units are under 5 year transferable warranty, and they have 4 years left until October 2021 !!!

The price is 18.000EURO for the combo!


The preamplifier is a two box Karan acoustics statement product with power supply contained in one box and all the sensitive preamplification components in the other.

This particular KA L Reference MKIII has optional MM/MC phono board installed with 0,2mV sensitivity for MC cartridges.

  •  Completely balanced, dual mono circuit topology with no overall feedback
  • All stages are DC coupled and operate in true pure class A
  • Separate power supply
  •  In order to avoid inherent nonlinearities of potentiometers, this preamp uses a four-gang attenuator, with 64 positions, implemented by using highest quality vacuum relays and fixed value 0.1% tolerance metal film resistors
  • Due to high sensitivity to interference of preamplifiers, the power supply has been relegated to a separate case of its own, and has been made ultra stable using four stabilisation levels per channel
  • The preamp is remote controllable for volume only



The behemoth amplifier, Karan Acoustics KA S 600 weighs over 160 pounds and delivers 1800W per channel into 2 OHM load !!!!

This is true dual mono amplifier which require TWO power cables.

  • Technical data:
  • Extremely short signal path, 24k gold plated circuit boards;
  • 20 ultra fast Sanken RET output power devices per channel, with a total current capability of 400 Amperes;
  • 8 voltage regulation stages;
  • Current feedback topology, with no overall feedback and with only 0.02% Intermodulation distortion (IMD) at rated power output into 8 Ohms;
  • Each channel uses a custom moulded 1,500 VA extremely low noise toroidal transformer and 132.000 µF of total capacitance;
  • Frequency response DC-300kHz +0, -3 dB;
  • S/N ratio better than -112 dB at rated output into 8 Ohms;
  • Damping factor better than 10.000:1 into 8 Ohms, 20Hz-20kHz;
  • Pink noise power output of 600W/1.000/1.800 into 8/4/2 Ohms;
  • Input sensitivity: 2V
  • Net weight 76 kg

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