Spectral Audio DMA-200S

The DMA-200S High Resolution Amplifier shares with other Spectral components, the creative uncompromising use of edge-of-the-art technology, dedicated precision manufacture and Spectral’s experience with live sound at recording sessions. From extensive listening and design experimentation, Spectral has consistently pioneered component systems having fast settling, high-speed circuit architecture. These have invariably outperformed more traditional, often cumbersome high-end design methods to achieve superlative detail, staging and listener involvement. Indeed, test methodology simulating music waveforms and hearing acuity confirm that quickness of response and rapid signal extinction when reproducing complex dynamics are mandatory for accurate music reproduction. Only then can one preserve instantaneous waveform accuracy to prevent cover-up of delicate musical signals by previous events. Construction and performance of the Spectral DMA-200S High Resolution Amplifier for this demanding criterion and resulting sonic resolution are unmatched among contemporary high-end amplifier designs.

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The amp is in 9,5/10 condition with very low working hours.

Kubala-Sosna TM cables for sale

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Kubala-Sosna RevolutionZ Optimize series Emotion! Power cable 10AMP Schuko 1.5 m 

Kubala-Sosna RevolutionZ Optimize series Emotion! phono interconnect DIN-RCA 1.25 m 

Kubala-Sosna RevolutionZ Optimize series Expression! S/PDIF Digital interconnect  cable  1.0 m 

Kubala-Sosna RevolutionZ Optimize series Expression! XLR analog interconnect cable  1.0 m 

Kubala-Sosna RevolutionZ Optimize series Fascination Speaker cable spade connectors  2.0 m

Kubala-Sosna RevolutionZ Optimize series Fascination XLR Interconnect  cable  1.0 m unused


Avalon Acoustics Compas for sale

We are selling our brand new in the box Avalon Acoustics Compas loudspeaker.

Inspired by the rhythmic time signature patterns of flamenco music, our COMPÁS illuminates the fundamental structural elements of metre and impulse in all musical genres. Primarily characterized by its dynamic and percussive rhythms, the COMPÁS delivers a disciplined performance with high transient speed and clarity of image definition. This constant Q design generates critically damped driver resonances from octave to octave throughout the audio spectrum. With a Q of 0.5 ringing and transient smearing is eliminated.

Control networks within the crossover designed specifically to target resolution and ambience retrieval under high current conditions are the heart of COMPÁS. Its unique ceramic/honeycomb woofers deliver an authoritative low frequency response with unsurpassed transient accuracy, carefully blending with the highs for a “true to source” sound reproduction. Proprietary low jitter circuitry clarifies image boundaries to a high-resolution standard suitable for professional monitoring where microphone placement and phasing are critical. Utilization of the same diaphragm materials throughout the array adds to the continuity of harmonic structure in a crisp, seamless musical presentation devoid of stored energy; its rock solid imaging presented with a palpable density through accurate and colorful harmonic structures.

All AVALON ACOUSTICs loudspeakers are engineered and built to the highest standards in the audio industry. Handcrafted in Boulder, Colorado by dedicated craftsmen and technicians, each COMPÁS is measured and matched creating perfect symmetry and coherency. Before leaving the factory each of our masterpieces is subjected to a demanding array of quality control and testing procedures to assure flawless and consistent performance. Our creations are a work of art in which we take great pride, designing and building each one exclusively here in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.


One box was opened by the Croatian customs service to check the contents.

Avalon Acoustics Compas Maple loudspeaker in it’s crate

Avalon Acoustics Compas Maple loudspeaker detail, ceramic tweeter and midrange drivers

Avalon Acoustics Compas Maple loudspeaker factory picture


Driver Complement

(1) 1” Inverted Ceramic Dome Tweeter

(1) 4.5″ Concave Ceramic Midrange

(2) 9.5” Ceramic/Honeycomb Woofers


91 dB @ rated impedance


4 Ohms Nominal

Frequency Response

27Hz to 24kHz

Recommended Power

50 to 500 Watts

Wiring Methods 

Two Position Binding Post


46″ (117 cm) High 11″ (28 cm) Wide 17” (43 cm) Deep


152 pounds (68 kg) each





The Berkeley Alpha DAC Reference Series is not only the absolute state of the art in digital-to-analog conversion; it also goes far beyond even this superlative to redefine what’s possible in digital playback.

This is a landmark product in that it crosses a threshold of sound quality and musical expressiveness that renders moot the idea that digital can only aspire to mimic analog rather than offer its own set of virtues.

The Alpha Reference is simply stunning in its ability to render instruments as real- sounding objects in three-dimensional space. This startling quality is made possible not just by the Reference’s spatial precision, but also by the timbral vividness and extraordinarily high resolution of the tiniest micro-details. What’s more, the Reference performs this magic trick on all instruments simultaneously, even in the most dense
and complex passages. This unprecedented (for digital) quality allows the listener to easily follow individual musical lines in a way never before possible from digital. Bass performance is also outstanding,
and different from other DACs. The Alpha Reference’s full-bodied bottom end not only provides a solid tonal foundation; it is also exquisitely textured and nuanced.

Note that the Alpha Reference omits a USB input and DSD decoding by design so as not to compromise performance. To play music from a computer, you’ll need Berkeley’s also-outstanding Alpha USB USB-to-SPDIF converter ($1895). Speaking of which, this USB converter can significantly improve the sound of your existing DAC by isolating the computer from the DAC, receiving USB data with a state- of-the-art interface, and by reclocking the output with high precision.

The Alpha DAC Reference is an unqualified triumph, and an easy choice for The Absolute Sound’s Overall Product of the Year Award. (246)